Collaboration with Shelby Davis

Our collaborative work comes out of a shared interest in storytelling, history and symbolism. When deciding what we would like to create, we spend time looking for coincidences areas of overlap, where we have both been toying with an image in the back of our mind. We search for the most potent icon that inspires us to spend intimate time with its history, learning its stories.

The raven and the owl keep recurring in our thoughts and discussions. Both have a strong presence in mythology from different cultures and have been associated with foresight, wisdom and intelligence. Raven is the trickster, a messenger, and bringer of light. Owl is the keeper of sacred knowledge, a harbinger of death, and he brings the night. In many ways they are two sides of the same coin. They both show up again and again in stories we have grown up with, including Aesops Fables, Greek and Native American mythology, and contemporary fiction. In our personal research we also want to know what about their physical attributes and behaviors have made them into the strong characters that they still are today.

Like the raven, we enjoy the role of the artist as trickster. We observe, steal, digest, distort, and reinterpret as we see fit. Taking these two icons and putting them together creates a new myth and gives room for a new story. But we are not telling the complete tale, but letting it unfold and be finished by the viewer.