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2010 - 2014

This series combines some of my personal iconography and family history. As a child my parents were avid rock hounds, and my sister and I were often dragged into the wilderness in search of quartz crystals, fossils and gold. Now, as an adult, those memories are invaluable.  These sculptures are part of a new body of work in which I cultivate crystals over objects - creating overnight a sense of the preciousness that can take mineral formations millennia to grow.  

These sculptures were created by combining multiple casts from a raccoon skull and quarts crystals found by my family when I was a child.  They have dual qualities of being alluring yet grotesque — similar to the ethos of sideshow oddities and memento mori. The imagery is pulled from childhood memories, my fascination with anomalies of nature, and awe of the unfathomable vastness of geologic time.  

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