This is a collaboration between Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis. It was orignally created during a three month resdiency at Milepost 5, and then was reinstalled at Disjecta for Portland 2010.

To us the semi-truck is a childhood icon/phallic symbol/wild beast of the roads. It simultaneously represents freedom and movement, in conjunction with dominance and waste, while the domestic materials used for house construction suggest a form of stasis.

Everyone has some sort of relationship with this monster of an American icon. If you've traveled a lot on interstates and are a consumer, you know and need it. It is a symbol of strength, solitude, bounty, loneliness, endurance, and waste. It's poetic and tragic and awesome. It's the multi-ton hulking delivery system sitting two feet from your side-view at 75 miles per hour. Plus it has inspired tons of country songs.

We came up with this out of a shared intrigue for this object and the people that ride in it - the closest thing we can think of to a modern day cowboy. Whether we were recalling the awe we felt as kids or the curiosity we have about truckers' lives now, the strength of the image was something we really wanted to get to know better.