Collaboration with Shelby Davis

Literally everything about the holidays is magical, from a fat man sliding down chimneys to a menorah that stayed lit longer than it should have. No matter what age you are, we each have a child within that wonders at the magic of it all, and cant wait to be enthralled. What captivates us the most are the legends. Here in the Northwest a group of creatures came to life inspiring an enchanted tale of a holiday where unicorns, narwhals, white wolves with wings and more come together, under one roof that holds both earth, water and sky. We invite you to add new chapters to old mythologies and have the experience become part of your own magical holiday story.

We truly enjoyed working with the team at Wieden & Kennedy and elaborating on their winter wonderland ideas. The stories and characters are rich, old and involved - and mashing them together felt new and imaginative. One of our favorite aspects of this work was to make all of the creatures interact with the immense height of the space and each other. It was gratifying to take a base material and so quickly transform it into mythical creatures, watching them spring to life.